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Thermostats & Control

Whilst a heating mat with a higher W/sq m rating will undoubtedly consume more energy that one with a lower W/sq m rating, energy consumption is determined by the thermostat; lower settings will reduce energy consumption.

We recommend that you install a fully programmable thermostat with both a time and temperature control function for optimal economic operation of your radiant heating system and to help reduce carbon dioxide emissions caused by excessive energy consumption.

The fully programmable Vysa-Therm 3000 and Touch Screen thermostats have been developed to specifically to exploit the energy saving potential of radiant floor or ceiling heating on a room by room basis with optimal comfort.home1

We therefore recommend that you use one of these to control your heating system so that you can have comfortable temperatures when you are at home and energy savings when you are asleep at night or out during the day-time. You can go to sleep knowing that you are doing your bit for the planet.