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The Importance of Quality

All our technical products are designed and manufactured in the UK and other EU countries.

Many other suppliers are using goods imported from China and other parts of Asia, at least some of which are of questionable quality. The last thing the customer wants is to install underfloor heating and lay a new floor, only to have it all ripped up again after a matter of months or a few years because components have broken down.

So, if something seems a great bargain, just pause and wonder how it can be so cheap!

We at Vysal are so confident in our products, we offer a full Lifetime Guarantee so that if there are any problems arising from a failure of one of our systems, you can be confident that we will replace any faulty products with no quibbles. We’ve been around since the 1990s – at the beginning of electric underfloor heating in the UK – and have hundreds of thousands of square metres of floors being heated in homes and commercial buildings, day in, day out, problem free.

There are cheaper products out there but there are none that offer better value for money.

Choose quality and enjoy peace of mind!

Just one more thing while you’re still making up your mind. We obviously don’t know what car you drive but are willing to bet it’s not a Tata or a Lada. Whether it’s a BMW or a Volvo or an Audi or Jaguar or Ford, there are obviously much cheaper cars available. When choosing yours, you made a value judgement. Before you start looking for cheaper alternatives for your underfloor heating, just consider if you would readily swap your current car for a Lada just to save a few bob.