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Select Size / Area

You first need to decide whether the underfloor heating system is to be used as a primary source of heating or to simply provide a warm floor (secondary). Please read this section in conjunction with that entitled Select the Power Rating‘.

Draw a plan of the room, (preferably to scale), and include any permanent fixtures such as baths, showers, kitchen and bedroom units, columns etc. as there may be. It is important to measure the room accurately and to allow a 10 cm margin around the perimeter of the room and any permanent fixtures. Heating elements must not be installed under permanent fixtures.

For Vysa-Mat Classic heating mats


Aquamat for wetrooms is also ideal for use in confined spaces

From the dimensions taken calculate the area of the heating mat required and then select a suitable sized product from the appropriate table. Our standard heating mats are 0.5 m wide for ease of use in confined areas or small rooms. We also offer our Aquamat range specifically for wetrooms which is only 300mm wide. This range can be more suitable for very confined bathrooms or kitchens but must be fitted exclusively in a room and not mixed with a standard Vysa-Mat in the same installation.

For Vysa-Film heating elements

Planning your installation for use on a suspended timber or solid concrete sub-floor.
From the dimensions taken, select the appropriate Vysa-Film heating elements by width and length to suit the room. As an example, a room is 6.3m x 5.5m = 34.65 sq m and may simply be covered adequately using 5 x Vysa-Film heating elements 1m wide x 6m long (order code 4156). As you can see from this example, when requesting a design or quote from us involving Vysa-Film, it is essential that you advise of the room’s dimensions and not just the area in square metres. A sketch with dimensions will often help.