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Refurbishment Projects

Vysa-Mat Classic is ideal for refurbishment projects where it can be installed onto an existing floor structure, either a concrete sub-floor or a timber sub-floor.underfloor mats

The ultra thin Vysa-Mat Classic heating cables can easily be fitted directly onto your existing tiled floor without needing to remove it. Vysa-Mat Classic can be installed within the thickness of the tile adhesives and therefore adds no significant height to the floor level. Consequently, there should be no requirement to reduce door heights, raise skirting boards etc.

The ultra small dead end and cold tail joints are small enough that you usually don’t need to cut a channel in the floor to accommodate them.

The power ratings normally employed in refurbishment projects range from 100W/sq m to 200W/sq m as higher ratings are only suitable under concrete or screeds of sand and cement in new-build applications.

Vysal cables rated 10W/linear m are suitable for refurbishment project work too. The cable is exactly the same as that assembled onto a heating mat but its free form provides versatility unavailable from a heating mat. You can choose a cable spacing to provide the appropriate power rating or to suit awkward rooms with irregular shaped floor areas. cablekit