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Vysa-Clear Mirror Demisters

  • A range of 4 sizes
  • The demister fits on the reverse of the mirror by way of adhesive backing supplied
  • When switched on, the low power supply provides heat to the reverse of the mirror thus avoiding condensation
  • Suitable for bathroom use outside Zones 1 & 2
  • Ideal in domestic bathrooms, hotels, hospitals, care homes etc.
  • Special sizes can be quoted for

Vysa-Clear Mirror Demisters are a simple solution to a misted up mirror.

With a Vysa-Clear Mirror Demister installed behind your mirror and connected to the bathroom lighting circuit you can view a clear mirror even though the bathroom is full of steam.

Vysa-Clear Mirror Demisters

Vysa-Clear Mirror Demister will fit on most types of mirror. Self-adhesive backing to the heater sticks directly to the mirror. On large mirrors several mirror demisters can be combined to cover a larger area.

Connect to the existing room light circuit so that the heater pad operates automatically when the light is switched on. The circuit must be protected via a 30mA RCD and it is recommended that the installation is completed by a suitably qualified electrician.Vysa-Clear Mirror Demisters

As well as the standard range of 4 sizes, we can offer special sizes for project work such as hotels etc. Please just contact the Sales Office with details of sizes and numbers. Please note that even if the demister does not cover more than 70% of the area of the mirror, it should still be effective in keeping the mirror demisted.

Vysa-Clear Mirror Demisters

In hotels, add a touch of luxury for guests by using Vysa-Clear Mirror Demisters so that guests can always use the clear, unfogged mirror, however much steam has been raised. They same goes for luxury yachts.

They’re also useful for keeping the mirrors clear in dance studios and yoga class rooms so that pupils can see their progress clearly.

Order Code


Heating Load



274 x 274 mm



274 x 574 mm



524 x 524 mm



524 x 1024 mm


– Semi-conductive carbon film within a laminated
– Polyester film as heated pads of size shown.
– Operating voltage 230 / 240 V: 50Hz
– Output rating 200 W / m2
– Double 2 metre long conn