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Vivarium & Palludarium Heaters

vivarium strip

  • A range of eight sizes of Vivarium Heaters and four sizes of Snake Strips
  • The heating film fits either below a glass tank or on an inside wall of a wooden container
  • Produces ultra long wavelength infrared heat which is ideal for cold-blooded animals
  • Supplied ready wired with a trailing lead and three pin 13A UK plug

We have specialist expertise in providing heating solutions for many animal related applications having worked with the London Zoological Society of a number of occasions providing designs and equipment for species as diverse as gorillas and Galapagos Giant Tortoises. We now offer a range of solutions for snake and reptile vivariums in the home and elsewhere. These can also be used to provide ultra long wavelength infra-red heat for palludariums (enclosed indoor tropical gardens).


These heaters meet all UK and EU safety directives. Customers choosing a heater for a reptile or snake should calculate to only heat half to two thirds of the surface area to allow cooler areas for the creature(s) to move to as required. With glass tanks, the heater is fitted below the tank and should have a minimum of 6mm of specialist insulation between the film and the mounting surface to ensure that the heat is directed into the container. This should be cut to the size of the whole base of the vivarium. We offer Vysa-Pron Insulation sheets 125cm x 80cm x 6mm under order code 2438 as the perfect solution to this need.



We also offer a simple electronic plug-in temperature controller for use with any of the above. By setting the temperature, the mat will be switched on whenever the temperature falls to this level.



Vivarium heater

Order Code Dimensions Heating Load
9103 96 x 146 mm 3w
9104 142 x 274 mm 7w
9105 276 x 274 mm 15w
9106 410 x 274 mm 22w
9107 571 x 274 mm 30w
9108 733 x 274 mm 39w
9109 868 x 274 mm 46w
9110 1188 x 274 mm 64w

Snake Strips

Order Code Dimensions Heating Load
9111 410 x 150 mm 11w
9112 571 x 150 mm 15w
9113 868 x 150 mm 23w
9114 1188 x 150 mm 32w

Temperature Controller

code 9132