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Latex sub-floor smoothing compound

Artidex compound 2484

  • Partially self-smoothing latex smoothing compound
  • Can be applied to all common sub-floors
  • Supplied in 22kg bags
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Latex sub-floor smoothing compound

Arditex is a partially self-smoothing latex smoothing compound with excellent properties of adhesion, flexibility and water resistance. Due to its special formulation Arditex can be used under a damp proof membrane and laid from a feather edge up to at least 12mm in a single application.

Arditex can be applied to all common sub-floors such as concrete and sand/cement screeds, flooring grade asphalt, wood, quarry tiles etc to level uneven internal sub-floors to provide a smooth surface.

Supplied in 22kg bags of Arditex powder and 4.8kg black polyethylene containers of Arditex latex. This will be sufficient for approximately 5 square metres at 3mm thick.

The latex is to be shaken and poured into a clean mixing container. The powder is added gradually whilst stirring continuously and the use of a mechanical paddle in an electric drill makes the process exceptionally easy in addition to ensuring a thorough mix.

Arditex has a working time of approximately 30 minutes at normal temperatures and may be walked on after about 2 hours. A 3mm Arditex screed is suitable to receive most floor coverings after 4 hours.

Please note this information is for guidance only. We do not sell this product which can be bought from builders’ merchants and tiling suppliers.