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Patio and Terrace

Patio and Terrace

Heating for Patios and Terraces

Extending capacity into the garden is a great way to make the most of your space but in nearly every climate, there comes a time when this isn’t practical – when the sun goes down or as summer fades. It’s common practice to provide additional heating but our Infra Red Terrace / Patio heaters have many advantages. Unlike Quartz Heaters, there’s no glaring element to distract or cause discomfort. Nor are there noisy burners which involve updating parts and replacing gas supplies. So look carefully at the range – it provides the perfect answer in terms of both user-friendliness and economy.

And don’t forget our Pipe Frost Protection Cables which can save much heartache in the cold winter months when external pipes and taps are freezing solid. Just check out the products below.

Other Infra-Red Heating for Patio and Terrace

Far Infra-Red Heating Units
Terrace/Patio Heaters
Pipe Frost Protection Cables