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Heating for The Office 

It is so much more efficient to use electric underfloor heating for offices to provide effective comfort levels and maximise space. With large open-plan offices, wall mounted heating is inefficient and expensive and electric underfloor heating offers a much more maintenance-free option than a hot water system. With infra-red, there is much less air movement and therefore allergies, asthma etc. are less prevalent among the workforce.

But if installing underfloor heating is not an option at this stage, there are other infra-red solutions including heating in or on the ceiling which, being infra-red, will work the same way just heating the objects and people in the room. Heating Cassettes are designed to drop into ceiling grids so are ideal for many office applications as can be seen above. Just check out the products below.

Underfloor Heating in the Office

Heating Mats
Heating Cables
In-screed Cables
In-screed Cable Kits
Radiant Film 130W/sq m
Radiant Film 160W/sq m
Heating Foil

Other Infra-Red Heating in the Office

Heating Cassettes
Far Infra-Red Heating Units
Infra-Red Wall Heater Panels
Radiant Ceiling Film