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Insulation is Important

With Vysa-Pron thermal insulation.

Inst on sub floor 2Vysa-Pron thermal insulation prevents heat flow into the cold sub-floor ‘sink’ where it would be wasted. The heat flows only upwards into the room where it is wanted. The room ‘heat up’ times, operating costs and energy consumption are all reduced when you fit Vysa-Pron. A heating system fitted directly beneath the floor finish is known as a ‘direct acting’ heating system. It has low thermal inertia and is the most economical to run, most responsive and easiest to control.

Without Vysa-Pron thermal insulation.

This diagram depicts an underfloor heating system installed onto a concrete sub-floor without Vysa-Pron thermal insulation. Heat flows from the heating mat ‘heat source’ into the lower temperature concrete sub-floor ‘sink’ where it is simply wasted heating the ground beneath the room.


75mm of thermal insulation below the floor screed.

Inst on sub floor 3Dwellings and extensions now being constructed to current Building Regulations will comply with Part ‘L’ requirements – Conservation of Fuel and Power – so will already have a good standard of thermal insulation.

The diagram depicts (typically 75mm) of thermal insulation beneath the floor screed and indicates how heat is prevented from flowing into the floor slab. This type of installation has a high thermal inertia and the floor screed becomes warm, behaving like a ‘storage radiator’. Heat will continue to flow into the room after the thermostat timer switches the heating OFF. If you wish to operate the heating system as a ‘direct acting’ heating system with faster response times fit Vysa-Pron thermal insulation as shown above.

Older properties do not have the benefit of thermal insulation provision afforded by Part ‘L’ of the current Building Regulations and we strongly recommend that you consider improving the general standard of thermal insulation of the house when installing a new Vysal radiant floor heating system.

If we quote for a project and include thermal insulation, it is not an ‘optional extra’!

Our understanding of your requirements is that the underfloor heating will not work to a satisfactory level without the insulation so please do not discard it as a means of saving money because in the longer term, you will spend much more on electricity heating the sub floor/foundations without benefit. Fitting effective insulation will ensure your comfort and the long term economic operation of the heating system so, please don’t take short cuts when it comes to insulation.