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How Infra-Red Heating Works

How infra-red heating works

How Infra-Red Heating Works – Instead of heating air, radiant or infra-red heating systems warm people and objects readily and efficiently by emitting heat energy (like that from the sun) in the thermal infra-red part of the electromagnetic spectrum at wavelengths of about 5 microns (m).

There’s nothing quite like radiant floor heating. It is the most efficient means of heat delivery in existence and it provides greater comfort than any other heating system.

Radiant floor heating is a low temperature system which emits heat energy to provide comfort heating without parallel. Rooms will never feel stuffy.

The heating system directly heats objects and surfaces within a room and establishes a mean radiant temperature (MRT) that reduces the general physiological effects of heat transfer from the human body.

Radiant floor heating delivers personal comfort by controlling the radiation heat loss from the body. If the surrounding surfaces (warmed by radiant heat) are roughly the same temperature as our body surface, we feel comfortable with a good sense of well being.

So, if you are planning either a new build or refurbishment work, radiant floor heating should be among your first considerations. In the rest of this website, we explain why electric underfloor heating is the best option, which systems are best suited for which sub-floors and flooring materials and why Vysal’s top quality products should be at the top of your shopping list.

You will also find details of our other Infra-red Heating Products which work in exactly the same way. If you love feeling the sun on your back, you’re in for a treat with the Vysal range. Check out the bullet points below.

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How infra-red heating worksInfra-red heating is 100% natural

Infra-red heating is 100% natural for our bodies and well-being. The human body is designed to accept and to emit infra-red waves. Infra-red heating works on the basis of gentle, long-wave Infra-red which penetrates the air and heats solids. If you like the warmth of the sun, then you will love the feeling you get from a new infra-red heating system.


Infra-red heats the fabric of the building, not the air

Infra-red heating does not heat the air but the fabric of the building and solid objects within it. It is different from more traditional heating systems that just heat the air. The fabric of the building can retain heat for longer, creating better thermal comfort, so your property will not only be warmer and cosier, there will be less dust without the movement of air caused by convection currents, and for asthma and allergy sufferers, fewer pollutants to breathe in.


Less damp and mould

Less chance of damp and mould because infra-red heating warms walls and keeps them dry. This means that there is no damp or mould to ruin your decorations and threaten your health and all of the room will reach the same temperature.


Greatly reduced energy use

Experience shows that a sufficiently insulated building fitted with infra-red systems and controls can expect significant reductions in energy usage. Almost 100% of the electrical energy used by infra-red heaters is converted into heat. Our infra-red systems offer owners an unprecedented level of control over their property’s temperature and energy use, and offer higher thermal comfort levels, compared with other gas, oil or electric solutions, Infra-red heating saves between 30-60% of the annual energy usage.


No maintenance or servicing

Infra-red heaters require no maintenance or servicing. Our heaters use solid state elements unlike water-based heating or fan-assisted systems, which often require servicing, inspection and repair costs. Our infra-red heaters and control products are certified to national safety standards.


CO2 free

Infra-red heating is completely free of all carbon emissions and, when used with electricity produced either by wind or solar generated electrical energy, is one of the only heating systems that can truly claim to be 100% carbon free.


Get back control of your building!

Infra-red heating allows you to take back control of your buildings. With underfloor heating and ceiling-mounted infra-red heating units, you can free up all your wall space without the pipes and radiators used by conventional central heating. You can also better control your heating room by room. A room not being used? Set your thermostat to reflect that and save money. In commercial and public buildings, again just heat the areas needed when being used. Why heat the enormous area of an old church when you can just keep the congregation content by heating the occupied pews?

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