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Heating Film

Vysa-Film heating elements are intended especially for installation under floating hardwood, wood laminate or wooden parquet floors on top of existing floors. They are not suitable for installation under ceramic tiles or similar floor coverings.



Vysa-Film heating elements are very simple and quick to install. The design is a ‘dry’ system and requires no wet adhesives. The job is complete when the electrical connections have been made. Since there are no adhesives to dry out, you can switch it on and use it straight away.tiled floor

The sub-floor must be free of protrusions and you must lay 6mm thick Vysa-Pron thermal insulation (order code 2438) over the sub-floor to prevent damage to the Vysa-Film heating elements. Vysa-Pron also helps to ‘quieten’ the subsequent floor surface and it may be channelled out to accommodate the interconnection wiring and floor sensor.insulation4

Vysa-Film heating elements do not have an earthed metallic sheath and may not be installed in a bathroom as it is impractical to install an earthed metallic grid above them. Instead, Vysal offers Vysa-Foil for bathroom applications using a timber floor finish.Vysa-Foil