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Electric Underfloor Heating Is Not Just For The Home!

Electric Underfloor Heating is ideal in all areas of just about every home but there are many other applications too that you might not have thought of. We at Vysal have a huge experience of diverse applications so that you can let your imagination run wild and we are here to provide you with a solution to your needs! Here are just some of the jobs we have been involved in which might inspire you!

Specialist Animal Enclosures


We have been called in to advise on and supply systems for use in specialist enclosures at London Zoo and other zoos and animal parks. When you bring a gorilla from Africa or a giant tortoise from Galapagos, you need to ensure that the conditions are right. Infrared heating – just like the sun – is ideal for these situations.


Down on the farm too. New born pigs and other animals need special care in the first few days of life and we have the expertise to provide you with a solution that will protect them in the coldest weather.


Dog kennels and catteries need heating too and infrared underfloor systems are efficient, ergonomic and economic to install and run and provide a level of comfort that every pampered pooch or puss will appreciate.

As well as underfloor heating, we have a number of specialist infrared heating units designed to achieve the same results without having to install underfloor heating if that helps.

Places of Worship

How do you heat a church or other place where people worship when the building is only used on one or two days a week? The tradition has been to try and heat the whole (often cavernous) building from scratch to an acceptable level when it’s needed and this usually fails with a shivering congregation and a huge heating bill. Instead of trying to heat all the air in a tall building – a thankless and expensive task – just heat those areas that are being used with infrared heating that will heat the fabric of the area including those people in attendance. Underfloor heating beneath the pews (and pulpit) will achieve this.

By installing it in strips individually controlled by thermostats, you only need to heat those areas in actual use. We also offer a number of specialist infrared heating units other than underfloor just for this type of installation.



Hotels, Care Homes, Places of Study, Restaurants, Galleries, Sports Facilities etc.

Basically, wherever humans gather and require comfort, electric underfloor heating is an ideal solution. It is economic to source and install compared with other systems, needs no maintenance or inspections, is comfortable to users with no dust movement caused by convection systems and its use means that all wall space is available to use without the clutter of radiators or storage heaters. The perfect solution!


Stately Homes & Castles

Historic houses have specialist needs and we can work with your experts to ensure a comfortable environment which will not damage the fabric of the building or the precious contents and yet leaves the walls free from the unsightly addition of modern heating units which simply do not fit in with the nature of such buildings.


Underfloor Heating in the Ceiling!

Underfloor heating doesn’t just have to be ‘underfloor’. We offer a specialist range for installation between rafters in ceilings for that same infrared radiant heating comfort when it makes more sense coming from above than below. In some instances, the ceiling may be more convenient for access such as when undertaking a loft conversion for instance. So don’t think that just because it’s difficult to install underfloor heating in the floor, you are barred from enjoying the many benefits. We have a solution for you!