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Rubber Floors

Rubber flooring can be seen on a daily basis in stations, airports and public buildings of all types. Rubber has long been a favourite with architects and designers for use in the toughest locations.



Vysal’s electric radiant underfloor heating elements are low temperature systems which warm the floor to a surface temperature of 25 deg C – 28 deg C, (less than our body temperature).

Operating at low temperatures, Vysal’s electric radiant underfloor heating systems are ideal in contract, domestic and transferred residential applications such as hotels, hospitals, care homes, primary schools, nursery schools, playgroups and pre-school education environments, where the safety benefits are particularly appropriate to vulnerable occupants.

Rubber flooring is available in a huge range of colours and textures for all types of contract and domestic installations. It is soft, tough, practical, hygienic, supple, burn-resistant and noise absorbing.


Several companies make flooring from natural rubber which is a 100% renewable raw material, harvested from mature rubber trees efficient at carbon sequestration. They claim that their natural rubber flooring is probably the most sustainable resilient flooring available.


Energy required in manufacture is very low, service life is long, (Dalsouple, for instance, has installations that have been in situ for 40 years), and rubber is easy to recycle.

As with any floor covering care should be taken to ensure that thermal blocking does not occur. Please refer to the thermal blocking section on this web site for more information.

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You can find out more about quality rubber flooring products for commercial, industrial and domestic use at commercial rubber flooring. Our products here will work well for a perfect flooring solution.