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Choosing a System

Why Electricity?
home2 Electric heating is clean, quiet in operation and requires no regular annual maintenance / safety testing. There are no exhaust gases and no possibility of carbon monoxide toxicity. Electric underfloor heating systems can be expected to last as long as other wiring in the building. Vysal provides a ‘lifetime guarantee’ for it’s electric underfloor heating systems. Electricity is rapidly emerging as the fuel of choice.

Electric heating is 100% efficient at the point of use. Taking into account the true total lifetime costs (including capital and installation costs, annual service and maintenance costs) along with fuel costs electric heating systems are cheaper than oil and gas.

Vysa-Mat Classic heating mats are ideal for use in both refurbishment projects on top of existing floors and new-build projects embedded in the floor screed. Vysal has the largest range of any manufacturer.


Vysal’s electric radiant underfloor heating systems can be used with any floor covering. If you want to fit a carpet or floating hardwood floor that is no problem either. Your floor-layer will first apply a layer of latex-based universal sub-floor smoothing compound over the Vysa-Mat Classic electric underfloor heating system. After it has cured the carpet or other floor finish is fitted as usual.

Vysa-Film heating elements are more versatile than you might imagine. They can provide an especially rapid solution for installation under floating hardwood, wood laminate or wooden parquet floors on top of existing concrete or timber sub-floors. Just lay 6mm thick Vysa-Pron insulation directly onto the prepared sub-floor. Simply install the Vysa-Film heating elements on top of the Vysa-Pron and then complete the installation by fitting the flooring. With no adhesives to dry out the system can be switched ON and used immediately.

When installed directly onto the flooring joists you can fit a chipboard or plywood floor as usual and there is no increase in floor height. You can then apply whatever floor finish you choose – any floor covering you wish. It is imperative though that you fit as much insulation as possible between the joists to ensure that no heat is wasted by travelling downwards.

You can install Vysa-Film heating elements directly onto an existing chipboard floor and fit a new ply floor surface over it and then apply any floor covering you wish. Again, it is imperative that you provide insulation beneath the Vysa-Film heating elements. Ideally plenty of insulation between the joists if you can gain access or, use 6mm thick Vysa-Pron insulation beneath the Vysa-Film heating elements.

Vysa-Film, being Class II and with no earth connection, is NOT suitable for use in bathrooms or wetrooms. Vysal therefore offers Vysa-Foil systems for just these applications.