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Ceramic and Tiled Floors

refurb projectsCeramic tiles are the most common application for electric underfloor heating systems. The heating mats or cables can be installed within the adhesive layer or can be covered with a self-smoothing latex floor smoothing compound.





New-build projects.

The heating mats or cables can be embedded within the floor screed during new-build projects.

New build up

Refurbishment projects.

Vysa-Mat Classic is ideal for refurbishment projects where it can be installed onto an existing floor structure either a concrete sub-floor or a timber sub-floor.

The ultra thin Vysa-Mat Classic heating cables can be installed within the thickness of the tile adhesives and therefore adds no significant height to the floor level. Consequently, there should be no requirement to reduce door heights, raise skirting boards etc. Vysa-Mat Classic heating cables can easily be fitted directly onto your existing tiled floor without the need to remove the tiles.Refurb installation



Vysa-Mat Classic heating mats rated 100 W/sq m to 200W/sq m (including Vysa-Cable cables rated 10W per m) are suitable for installation onto an existing floor structureinscreed cable kit